Monika (piechoczek) wrote in asvandals,

here's the plan....

Either you follow it or

you don't.

Very hip= to have a sidekick help you rule the school next year.

I hate to be lame, but I had to make this a senior Vandal privelage. Think about it, no one else really can have authority over ruling the school. I feel terrible Rachel, but you can learn from our mistakes this year. And make it a tradition by doing it next year. (WE NEED TO RECRUIT MORE GIRLS.)

Every Vandal must have rules, perks, guidelines, terms set out for their sidekick. I suggest we review each other's so none of them will be too different.

1. You're sidekick can not be another senior or Art School Vandal. It's harder to have them follow under your guidelines, rules, and such. But I'm sure some exceptions can be made to this rule, although I recommend staying away from the two.

2. Prefferebly have sidekick be a ASV recruit. It's always good to give them one year of training before they know who's BOSS.

3. BUT, sidekick can be boy or girl.

4. Make sure sidekick is a bit bendable, flexible, willing to change to your preferances, making it easier for them to fit your criteria of the perfect sidekick.

I'm sure there's more I had to say, but that's it for now.

My sidekick for next year is Austin "Clash boy". We've exchanged a few words about it. He's agreed. And now, Amelia, I need your help. I've got to get his address if that's possible.

You have your mission.
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