She dances like an arab harem girl (morganlace) wrote in asvandals,
She dances like an arab harem girl

how cool it is to be the best

ok, girls

the first day of school is fast approaching.

do we all have our cardigans? we should definetly all be in our 'colors' on the first day of school. you know, like we're the hells angels, except for instead of a leather vest with a skull we wear ADORABLE yellow cardigans that aren't soaked in human waste

As of right now we are, in alphabetical order

Amelia Wilcox
Kristen Booth
Monika Piechoczek
Rachel Bonfanti
Whitney Simpkins

School starts on August 7th or 8th, who cares, what matters it that we all look hot on the first day


monika, I'm really happy that you got to hang out and DANCE with Andrew W.K. for SO LONG. I mean, you could have spent that time bothering him and getting him to to say 'hi' any rival gang we migt have, not that we do, because GODDAMN,

we're the art school vandals

get ready to be the biggest and best at school this year
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